Business Valuation - is the premier source for professionals whose careers depend on unimpeachable business valuations. Links from this homepage include:

  1. Teleconferences and Professional Development - a method for the business appraiser to stay current with the most pressing issues in the profession
  2. Special Reports and Books - a resource for the best books in the profession
  3. BVNewsletter Services - a quarterly newsletter for business appraisers to send to their prospective clients
  4. - see below
  5. - see below - houses seven databases with a wealth of detailed financial and transactional information on:

  1. The sale of privately held companies
    1. Pratt's Stats™
    2. BIZCOMPS®
  2. The sale of public companies
    1. Public Stats®
    2. Mergerstat/Shannon Pratt's Control Premium Study™
  3. Control premiums and implied minority discounts
    1. Mergerstat/Shannon Pratt's Control Premium Study™
  4. Lack of marketability discounts
    1. The FMV Restricted Stock Study
    2. Valuation Advisors' Lack of Marketability Discounts™
  5. Comparative financial data on operating companies
    1. Integra Five Year Industry Data Reports™ - is a comprehensive, detailed, online source of financial, legal and analytical resources used in the business valuation, merger & acquisition, banking and venture capital communities. Its databases include:

  1. A printed or electronic monthly newsletter on the most current topics in the business valuation profession
    1. Business Valuation Update™
  2. Ability to search all historical Business Valuation Update™ newsletters
    1. Deluxe Business Valuation Update™
  3. Conference presentations, unpublished papers, various studies
    1. BVPapers™
  4. Full text of court cases that include a business valuation topic
    1. BVLaw™
  5. Quarterly review of the national economy
    1. Economic Outlook Update™
  6. Directory of all products that deal with business valuation
    1. Business Valuation Data, Publications & Internet Directory™